Our Mission
Founded on September 09, 2009, The Wilkes-Barre Scranton Roller Derby is Northeastern Pennsylvania only all-female, skater-operated roller derby league. The league is comprised of strong, diverse, and independent women from NEPA area. founded by VanEss Sites, Nicki Regan, Bruce Fairchild in the front room of a local tattoo shop. On that beautiful September afternoon, approximately 20-25 women packed into a small room to discuss the creation of a new roller derby team. The majority of this new team would merge what remained of 2 former local derby leagues (The Coal City Rollers & The Diamond City Scream Queens).from 2005 Regardless of any past issues within the previous teams, these women all had one thing in common: their love of roller derby!!

League Composition
The league is made up of three home teams which play within the league (Coal City Breakers, Diamond City Mayhem, and Electric City Shockers) The league has two inter-league competition teams that are compiled of league skater who competes against another league around the country. The Wilkes-Barre / Scranton Roller Radicals (A-Team) represent the league in sanctioned WFTDA inter-league Competitions that count towards WFTDA nationals Rankings. The Low Rolling Deuces is our league (B-Team).

Roller derby is a place where girls all shapes and sizes, and from all backgrounds come together to be a part of something amazing. This is definitely true with our team. The Radicals have been welcoming new members with open arms from day one.


Over the years the Radicals have watched skaters come and go, but through it all we continue to grow as a league and family and support our community is a positive light.


The Radicals are proud to be a member league of WFTDA, the international¬†governing body of women’s flat track roller derby, since 2014! www.wftda.com¬†


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